About Us : Foundari

About Foundari

Foundari is an online Practice and Connection platform where students starting from elementary to higher secondary education get the scope to improve their learning skill. We have a team of proficient members who are dedicated to improving our website so that students can get the best experience of learning. Our professional yet entertaining methods ensure learning becomes easy and fun thereby eliminating the needs of taking costly tutors. We are an online platform, so we are accessible to students residing in the remotest part of the country. We aim to cater to the needs of every student who believes in living the dreams.

Features Of Foundari

Foundari believes in easy access to knowledge. Along with a talented team, we have included some of the exciting features that aim to improve the knowledge base of students. Down below are some of them.

1. Practice

We believe “Practice Makes Perfect” so experience the practice like never before with endless sets of the Practice session and mock test, this platform is simplest and effective for all learner. Our website has a section of MCQ for every subject covering a wide range of chapters.

2. Knowledge Hub

Our Knowledge Hub revolves around conveying thought-provoking facts, latest information, general knowledge, fun-filled information, etc. that are beyond any regular text education. We are sure that it will make you fall in love with Learning. 

3. Forum

Our forum has a community where professionals with expert knowledge will solve your queries regarding any education-related issues. Here, one can discuss with many people having the same interest and knowledge of the specific matter.

4. Educational Games & eBooks

Last but not the least, we have planned to include a wide genre of educational games and eBooks in the near future that would help the students to get a comprehensive solution for all their learning needs.

Foundari believes in free education, accessibility, and quality learning. We are dedicated to achieving the dreams and help students climb the ladder of success. Our mission is to make education reach every nook and corner of the country and improve the quality of education that is prevalent in the Indian society. Our broad range of captivating features is sure to give students a new level of experience that is exceptional from the traditional mode of education. Moreover, we are driven and passionate to take education in India to new heights in the near future. Hence, join us in our revolutionary dreams and make education accessible.